Kentico Admin Mobile App

  • Kentico Admin Mobile Application
  • Kentico Admin Mobile Application
  • Kentico Admin Mobile Application
  • Kentico Admin Mobile Application

Product Description

Built for iOS and Android including both phone and tablet form factors, this app will allow you to perform basic administration tasks on your Kentico CMS. To get started, download the server side component and install it on your Kentico CMS server. Then download the app and get started with the administration of Kentico CMS.

It is highly recommended that you connect to your Kentico CMS using SSL to encrypt the data.


Versions Supported

Kentico CMS: 6, 6 SP1, 7, 8

iOS: 8 & above

Android: 4.03 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & above



  •  Global Administrator Login
  •  Look at System information and restart application, clear unused memory & clear cache
  •  Start & Stop your websites
  •  User listing and details and the ability to enable or disable users
  •  Event logs and details
  •  Email list and details
  •  List of forms
  •  List of Custom Tables
  •  List of Roles
  •  Ability to provide us your valuable feedback!



Absolutely free!



Download the zipped server component from here. Unzip the contents of zip folder to the root folder. Copy the files so you will end up with something like this:

Kentico Admin Deployment

There should be a folder in the root called PS.KenticoAdmin with a file called PSKenticoAdmin.ashx in it. There should be an assembly called PS.KenticoAdmin.dll in the bin folder.


Once you have installed the server side components, browse to your Kentico CMS website to make sure your nothing has been affected. Your Kentico CMS installation may need Full Trust. This can be achieved by adding <trust level="Full" /> under <system.web> section in the web.config file.


Sorry, not tested in Azure yet!


Don't forget to provide us your feedback - Enjoy!



We have a roadmap for this product. The aim is to add other CMS administration functionality to this application. We would also love to hear your suggestions.


Product Details