BarnOwl Sound Monitoring Software

Project Description

Sound Science specialises in acoustical technology business providing solutions for the resources sector.
BarnOwl is their flagship product and the world’s only fully directional noise monitoring system that operates in real time.
Pure Solutions helped in designing and programming BarnOwl system and is proud of this achievement.

Some of the features of BarnOwl System include:

  •  Automatic real time noise detection
  •  Directional monitoring with noise filtering
  •  Real time graphical display and reporting
  •  Recording of audio signals
  •  Real time audio streaming over network
  •  Automated microphone calibration

Core Technologies

  •  Microsoft.Net
  •  MS Access
  •  SQL Server
  •  Socket Communications
  •  Windows Forms

  Pure Solutions worked closely with SoundScience to design a robust system with focus of on reliability.
Creating anything that is “world’s only” requires dedication, knowledge and skills. At Pure Solutions, we can provide elegant solutions to complex problems.

Project Details

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